Daniel Girardi (Verona, 1977).

In 2000 he moved to Milan, in 2006 begin Americans stays with residences in New York (ISCP) and San Francisco, which will push more and more to travel and interact with the international art community.

In recent years his interests have focused mainly on the relationship between experience and vision: to be born here are several groups of works, including the projects “I Road” in the Death valley desert and “The Great Valley” a residence in the most extensive wild Italian area.

The research focuses on the installation with strong spatial invasions and archiving Sketch of the Life Books.


His works are in private and public collections such as  MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome and the Gallery of Modern Art Palazzo Forti in Verona.

He is currently working on the last project North_way; visual chronicles from the wilderness Scandinavian forest.


Lives works between Milan and Verona



If you can’t find me here, because I’m in the wilderness


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